Jan 02

Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt Intro Post

I’m going to be honest here. This series ended up being out of order from my watchlist. It was much further down but ended up moving to the top of the line during my annual New Years celebrations. For those who don’t know, I have a list of anime I watch which has had a random order set. From last year I had taken every series I had not seen and created a random draft. Basically all the series in a list, the list is randomized and the top of the list starts a new random list and the process is repeated until the original list has been randomized into a completely new list. This is to keep me from putting off series I’d otherwise put off until the end of time. When I buy a new piece of anime it’s added to the bottom of the list… unless I buy a lot of anime from a RightStuf or Amazon sale… in which those orders are random drafted to the bottom of the list. Again, this keeps me from skipping around and being indecisive in what I want to watch.

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Dec 31

So I’m back.

So I’m declaring the site hiatus, officially over. That also comes with some news and updates.

First, the overall reviews are probably not going to happen. Two reasons really:

1) With the recent problems with sites like YouTube and their ContentID system targeting those who produce Let’s Play’s and reviews of various types of content. There isn’t a viable way to put out reviews in a format I was reconsidering.. which was short videos. Two of my existing videos that I had up for portfolio purposes were flagged under this system, a Let’s Play style show which at the time featured World of Warcraft and a review I had done for another site in which I reviewed Big Windup. The review in particular was more troubling because it autoflagged for FUNimation. This is telling me that anime distributors are probably not going to really play ball with video reviewers, which is a real shame. Of course I don’t have any official information as to if R1 anime distributors are going after reviewers or not, it’s an interesting question I’d direct to any public FUNimation figure the next time I see them. But given the playing field is already destructive to established video reviewers, the hopes of getting started on that format is nigh impossible.

2) I was thinking of proceeding along with the audio reviews, until we brought back SHAFT. For those who may or may not know, the Super Happy Anime Fun Time podcast was a podcast I had been doing for years along with other talented individuals to talk about anime, review anime and otherwise have a fun time sharing our love for anime with others. Given that we brought it back as SHAFT+, audio reviews would be better placed there rather than under a separate umbrella. There may be regular traditional reviews over there, but there will certainly be anime discussions there where we talk about a series and how we feel about it rather than a traditional review. Think anime book club.

So where does it leave this project. Well not completely abandoned if that is what you’re thinking. Video reviews aren’t happening, unless the massive changes start reversing themselves for the better… which may or may not happen. To be honest, the changes may only help established people and still screw over new comers. Audio reviews will happen over on SHAFT+ as will discussion. Well, honestly that’ll make this just a blog. A blog about anime of course, but what it’ll cover is basically anime I’m watching through my backlog.

As of today my backlog stands at about 152 separate titles(series, OVA, and movies). There are certain exceptions, series over 52 episodes have been placed in a different backlog though there aren’t as many of those. The ones of note are One Piece, Inuyasha and Fairy Tail.

As I watch these series I’ll be putting together intro and finished posts. Intro posts will have my feelings going into what I’m watching. Finished posts will be shorter, review like posts about what I had watched. There may be some other stuff thrown in between too. I might live post some stuff from time to time using the anime critic twitter account. But for right now, I’ll be blogging about what I’m watching. Hopefully some people will enjoy reading it.

Mar 10

TAC Hiatus

As always I like to be straight with everyone and those checking the site my have noticed the under construction post that’s been posted for some time. I just want to let people know that for the time being, the site will be on hiatus for the foreseeable future. I’ve recently had to take on a second job in order to get some things in order that need to be straightened out. Sadly that doesn’t leave time to work on the site or reviews. If it wasn’t that important, I wouldn’t be doing it. So for the time being that’s how it has to be.

In the meantime, I will be hosting up fresh new episodes of SHAFT and SHAFT+ starting on April 1st every two weeks. That’s a fact and I’m real excited to be bringing it back. It will be discussion and will be lacking reviews for those used to the old format. Still it’ll be great. Also in the meantime I’ll still be gearing up to return to reviews eventually. I love sharing my thoughts on anime with you all and hope to continue to do so in the future. I’ll be getting through my backlog and I’m taking notes, I’ll have a lot to say when I get back.

I’ll also be at Anime Boston this year, I hope to be running some panels this year. More info will go up on the SHAFT site about that as more info comes in. I may also be hitting up Connecticon this year. Depends on how well things go and if some connections go through.

Again, thanks for all the support, and I hope to be back soon.

Jan 04

I Don’t Remember Saying That…

When going through the anime I got this Christmas, this little quote from the bottom of My Dear Marie caught my attention.


I’m sure that whoever had this domain before me is really the one who said it but it just felt a little funny seeing that on there. There’s always the possibility I say that when I finally do review My Dear Marie, build a time machine, go back in time and tell ADV to put that on the box. GREAT SCOTT!

Dec 31

Under Construction


Pardon our dust as we get things squared away and ready to go. Posts will be returning soon as will a new review format. As well as a great deal of new reviews for you to enjoy.

Existing audio reviews are still up on iTunes to enjoy. Check them out here. Or alternatively through the RSS feed found here.

Don’t forget to follow us on your social media flavor of choice by clicking the stuff up at the top.

You can also follow the return of my anime and now generally geeky podcast, Super Happy Anime Fun Time and SHAFT+ over here. Feel free to also check out many of the cool links along the side there. Those guys are cool… trust me.

As for the meantime, there’s a lot going on. I’m going to be keeping a lid on it for now, but I hope you’ll be pleased with the results. So hang tight, check us out and have some fun. You’ll be glad you did.